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Infinx Healthcare

Graphic Designer, (former) Digital Design Intern

New Resource Center

Mobile Prototype

Phone Screen

I had the opportunity of designing a Resource Center for all of Infinx's marketing collateral. The goal was to create a new Resource Center that sorts content by Topic and Provider, and further sorts by asset type (blogs, white papers, etc). I received feedback and design direction from a Junior UI/UX Designer during the design process and worked with a Junior Web Developer in sorting and categorizing these assets.


Design Requirements:

  • One Main Landing Page

  • One Topic/Provider Page

  • Grid format to organize assets

  • Ensure blue banner design mirrors other banners on the website

  • Filter bar with Search, Topic, Provider, Asset Type, and Refresh

  • Create new icons for each asset type. Do not use stock images or isometric designs currently featured on blogs, white papers, etc.

  • Specific order was given for Topics and Providers

  • Must highlight Featured Assets on each Topic and Provider page first, and regular assets listed afterward

  • Deliverables: Desktop and Mobile Prototype

My Design Decisions:

  • Fonts, colors, and shadows mirror Infinx's current branding and web design

  • Desktop drop-down menu reflects Infinx's current drop-down menu design

  • Mobile filter scrolls left to right (we ended up using a stacked filter instead which was more simple to implement)

  • Mobile back to top button helps the user return to the top of the web page when presented with lots of information

  • Created a new icon system that is easy to recognize and distinguishable from one another. Utilized a simple outline style.


Infinx Resource Landing Page Icons 6-9.jpg

Original Drop Down Menu & Resource Pages

Thoughts On the Final Outcome

The Good​

  • The user can sort by Topic, Providers, and Asset type at the same time—this was not possible before

  • The user can search and view multiple asset types per category in the same place—fewer clicks needed per action

  • Topics and Providers are represented with text and an icon for quick recognition

  • Important Featured assets are highlighted for users first on the Topic and Provider pages

Possible Improvements

  • I would add more padding around the elements in the boxes

  • While the asset type icons help create a cohesive system, the long titles are overwhelming on the page and hard to distinguish from one another

Infinx Socal Media

Daily Tasks and Projects

Reports to the Business Development Manager of Infinx Healthcare to design successful marketing materials for the healthcare industry.

Design Projects:

  • Social media graphics for LinkedIn and Facebook

  • Blog, case study, and banner graphics

  • Case studies, white papers, and datasheets

  • Trade show flyers

  • Trade show banners

  • Google Display Ads

  • Website landing pages

  • PowerPoint slide decks

  • User interface prototyping with InVision and Adobe XD

  • Storyboards for marketing videos

Marketing Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of WordPress

  • Basic knowledge of Medium

  • Basic knowledge of social media channels

  • Some knowledge of SEM Rush and social media analytics

Icon and Logo Design

Infinx logo system 2021.png

Social Media Graphics