Hunger is a State of Mind
The New York Times Magazine Cover Mockup


In 2019, millions of Americans were going to be cut off from SNAPS (food stamps). 

My process involved combining the imagery of food and money to visualize food insecurity in the United States. I tried numerous iterations (stacks of carrots, chocolate coins, pennies, pancakes) and different formations for croissants (rice, receipts).


I chose to keep the main visual of the money croissant represented in different mediums—photography and illustrations—because I believe that the message comes through in a more impactful way over the other iterations. The imagery of a croissant is unexpected but represents food scarcity. The second visual is of a helping hand fork which advocates for helping those who are hungry.


Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate App, watercolor


9" x 10.75" full size

110-P2Combined resized.jpg