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Paths Exhibition
October 1–November 1, 2019

In October, the BFA Class of 2020 formed three groups of 8 to design and curate an exhibition with the topic of SJSU Graphic Design. 

The Paths Exhibition formed with the goal of creating a space that would attract designers and non-designers to showcase the infinite paths one can take in the design world. Paths are not always concrete—one's path can change. It was their hope to reveal the simple, yet complex pathways in design, with the intent to inspire and spark curiosity for other aspiring creatives.

Rachel's Role:

Paths branding, social media, buttons, stickers, wayfinding

Group Members:

Elijah Allen, Ali Burney, Helen Frost, Rachel Lee, Victoria Pantoja, Natalie Rejas, Linda SzeTo, Seth Zavagno

Photo credit: Rachel Lee and Linda SzeTo

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