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Mural Proposal

Note: This is a mural mockup.

About the Mural

My oak tree swing mural in Northwest Portland brings light and encouragement to the city. The oak tree symbolizes power, courage, life, strength, and growth. The painted mural has positive words and resources, including the Crisis Text Line and Lines of Life. I hope that people passing by to visit the park, art galleries, or Powell’s City of Books will stop to take in the mural’s impactful message, pose with their friends, and keep on growing.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a vibrant city with beautiful mountaintops, rainfall, and lively culture. This mural proposal is located in a parking lot at 823 NW Couch St where art galleries, parks, shopping, and also homeless reside. Those parking their car in the lot or passing by would catch this uplifting message.

sketch 2.jpg